Birthing Meditation CD

Meditations for Expectant Mothers and the Life Within

meditation by Fanchon Shur, music by Bonia Shur

Have a peaceful pregnancy &

a fearless childbirth…


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Dear Mothers,

Peace to you on your journey to motherhood. Wherever you are on your path; a newly expectant mother, half-way through your pregnancy, or at the doorway to delivery, I hope this recording creates a tranquil atmosphere that brings calm, confidence and celebration on your journey to childbirth.

The disc has three tracks, one with and one without music.  There is also a solo track of music alone composed by my husband, Bonia Shur.

Allow the text to help you visualize the experience of birth through gentle images of warmth and love. Let it be a guide for your own personal meditation and growth.

Most importantly, let this recording be an inspiration for you. My voice will “take you by the hand” and reassure you of your own natural power. You are truly an honored being.


The perfect gift for an expectant mother!

Listen to an excerpt from the CD below:

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