Fanchon Shur: 35 Years of Dance

The choreographer intimately the vision and stories behind the dances, explaining how each one relates to the culture at that time. A lifetime of ceremonial, theater, activist, and healing dance, with original music by two of the greatest dance composers, Bonia Shur and C.B. Jackson. Dance jewels include “Purses, Pockets and Family Secrets”, “Governor’s Inaugural – It’s a Slow Beginning”, “Gesture of Deer”, “Crimson Prayer”, “Tallit: Prayer Shawl”, “Sarah, Speak!”, “Women’s Hall of Fame Induction Dance with Governor Celeste and Audience”, “Womonkind: The Shechinah Is With Her”, “The StoryTeller”, and “Lullaby”, filmed in a Hollywood stage revealing a new mother’s premonition of a nuclear Holocaust.

This 40-minute documentary is meant to give you a sweep of a lifetime of an evocative artist, awakening entire audiences into sacred communities, speaking truth to power, tapping ethnic roots, using scaffolding, brilliant and revolutionary use of fabric, and magnificent costumes, to awaken our sacred nature.

35 Years of Dance from Fanchon Shur on Vimeo.  To leave comments, watch video from “vimeo” link above.

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