Choreography and Performances

Choreographer/performer of more than 100 pieces, including:

Global Water Dances-Cincinnati (2013 & 2015, Cincinnati);
Primordial Round (2008, Choreographers Without Companies);
Ode to Mother Francis (2006, Franciscan Sisters of the Poor);
Totem of Tolerance (premiered 2006, Cincinnati);
All That Breathes (2006, Choreographers Without Companies);
Vibrant Soul: Lebedike N’Shome (2005, Choreographers Without Companies);
FLIGHT, FIGHT, FREEZE! Moving Towards Peace (premiered 2000, Cincinnati);
Dancing the Wild Woman’s Healing Fire (1995, Morehead State College)
Purses, Pockets and Family Secrets (premiered 1990, Cincinnati);
Tallit: Prayer Shawl (1987, Philadelphia);
It’s A Slow Beginning: Inaugural Ecumenical Worship Service for Governor Celeste (1986, Cincinnati);
Sarah, Speak! (1986, Tel Aviv);
Dance with a Red Cloth (1983, Cincinnati);
Ancient Myths: New Legends (1979, Tulsa, Oklahoma)
Jewess in Renaissance (1976, Toronto);
New Moon-Hallel Psalms (1975, San Francisco);
Cosmos in Motion (1975, Cincinnati);
Womankind: Shechinah is with Her (1974, Seattle);
Crimson Prayer: Memorial To Victims Of The Holocaust
(1971, Washington, DC);
Revolt in Mode-in (1968, ABC television special, Los Angeles);
Gesture of Deer (1963, Los Angeles);
Fallen Leaf (1963, Los Angeles);
Layers of Life (1963, Los Angeles);
Search for Identity (1966, Saratoga);
Women of Longing (1965, San Diego);
High Spring (1961, Los Angeles);
Lullaby (1959, Los Angeles)

Choreography and Performances
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