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Growth in Motion Center: Authenticity in Motion; Ballet and Natural Motion; Child and Parent: Developmental Movement; Choreographic Training; Ecstatic Dance: Creating Ceremonies for Communities; Energy Field in Motion; Instinctual Movement: Evolutionary Memory; Laban/Bartenieff Movement Analysis; Myth and Archetypes in Motion; The Dancing Touch: Awareness in Motion A Feldenkrais Based Class.
TriHealth Healing Arts Center: Thriving Baby: Understand The Meaning And Wisdom Of Your Baby’s Movement.

Franciscan Wholistic Center: Awakening your Innate Movement Patterns; Fundamentals of Developmental Movement Training for Professionals.

Light Touch Physical Therapy: Healing, Comfort, and Pure Pleasure through Developmental Movement

Co-led with Tara Stepenberg: Embodying Beliefs: Embodying Relationships: Embodying Spirit: Immersion in to the Sacred, Embodying the Soul’s Longing.

Contemporary Dance Theater: Authenticity-in-Motion: Laban/Bartenieff Movement Studies: Developmental movement.

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