Videos Produced

All videos are available through Growth in Motion

All that Breathes (18 minutes)
Vibrant Soul: Lebedike N’Shome (13 minutes)
35 Years of Dance – narrated excerpts of 11 major works including:
Ohio Women’s Hall of Fame, Lullaby, Gesture of Deer, Hallel, Crimson Prayer, Story Teller, Womankind, Sarah, Speak!, Governor’s Inaugural Service, Tallit: Prayer Shawl, Purses, Pockets and Family Secrets. (40 minutes)
FLIGHT, FIGHT, FREEZE! (11 minutes)
It’s a Slow Beginning: Inaugural Ecumenical Celebration for the Governor (16 minutes)
Lullaby (19 minutes)
Purses, Pockets and Family Secrets – excerpts with narration. (10 minutes)
Sarah Speak! – full work. (20 minutes)
Tallit: Prayer Shawl – excerpts with narration. (20 minutes)
Therefore I Am: Winton Hills Young Fathers – Creative expression with at risk teen age men with their dancing social worker (20 minutes)
Baalat Mitzvah Ceremony – three original dance prayers, interactive chants for congregants and leader, original midrashim and community participation with live music by Bonia Shur. (90 minutes)

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Videos Produced

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