Authenticity in Motion


This work sets up structures that tempt us out of our emotional and physical lethargies. We use what is obvious – our breath, the forms our bodies take, the special signature that is unique to each of us, the way we exert and receive energy, the way we create rhythms and group forms, the way we hold our ground, feel expansive inside, melt away tensions and aches, and call forth the spiritual inside the material. These principles allow us to evolve into who we really are, REALLY are.

If you are a professional dancer, this work will become the foundation upon which your technique can vastly improve. If you love dancing, but have separated it from your heart or your thought process, or your deepest yearnings spiritually, this is the place for you. If you’re a healer, or work in the area of psychology and movement, you will experience the most direct path to understanding your power and guiding others. If you’re a fitness buff, you’ll be able to make better choices about the way you stay fit or teach fitness. If you’re someone who just wants a good workout, and your body is limiting you, you’ll meet the surprisingly effortless path to that freedom and health. This may seem like a big offering, but the principles and skills underlying this offering are brilliant. Teaching is my joy. I’ve been accused of “reading people’s minds”. That is a daunting compliment, but what it really is saying is that there are principles that I understand and want to share with others that allow each of us to “read each other’s minds”. For what is the purpose? The purpose is to live a fuller, more meaningful, supported life of intimacy and humor and courage.

Authenticity in Motion has reaffirmed for me the connection between who I really am and how I express this through my body. Exploring this has been challenging and rewarding and already (after just 5 classes) I feel a different quality of being in my body – I feel lighter and my movements feel freer, less restricted. I notice this is happening at a point where I am also able to remain more grounded in my own authenticity in dealing with some complicated personal interactions and relationships. – Susan Miller-Stigler

When: Monday Evenings: 6:30 – 8:00 pm
Wednesday Mornings: 9:30 -11:00 am
Where: 4019 Red Bud Ave., 45229 (Map)

Cost: $48 for a series of four classes, $20 drop-in rate.

For Registration: 513-221-3222 or

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