Morning Wake-Up Class

Dear Friends:

Here’s a lifestyle change that works for me and I offer it to all of you. The early morning is by far the most efficient time of day to ensure balanced insightful functioning. That’s why I am offering Morning Wake-Up.

What a current participant has to say:

I am delighted to share “Morning Wake-Up” sessions with you. This gentle time is reintroducing me to me. I better understand my internal connections and how I am supported:
In movement – walking, standing, dancing, etc.; And
In stillness – sitting, (pre|post) sleep and meditation.
I have also experienced what I call emotional healing because I have been able to reflect on and let go of some past stuff.
Your clear explanations and demonstrations; exceptional knowledge of the body; insightful guidance and warm open spirit provide a safe place where I am free to be me.
Thank You,

hands cropped

I am doing this every Tuesday & Thursday morning – 8:30 to 9:30 am – join me as often as you can.

Purpose of the CLASS, TO SET UP YOUR DAY with alignment, fluidity, and integration, even with injury, using survival movement techniques developed to preserve the health and spirit of an 80 year old woman whose ageless skills have allowed her to dance through physical, spiritual and emotional challenges.

This class TEACHES MOVEMENT EFFICIENCY AND HELPS BRING CONSCIOUSNESS TO ALL PARTS OF OUR BODIES. WE integrate elements of Bartenieff fundamentals, space harmony, yoga, Feldenkrais, body-mind centering, fluids, nervous system, and plasticity of our bones AND THE SKILLS OF A CHOREOGRAPHER WHO KNOWS HOW TO TRANSFORM THE “ORDINARY”. It is for those of us who wake up with aches and pains, and have bouts of hopelessness. With subtle classical music, this is a rare opportunity to take advantage of a master teacher who lives in your neighborhood; who refuses to give in to the challenges of aging, but instead, embraces aging into an aesthetic moving and spiritual experience each day.

Let me know that you’ll be joining me!
Cost: Suggested minimum donation of $10 per class.
Who knows how long I’ll be offering this, so COME SOON!

I look forward to seeing you!!


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