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Here is what students say about Growth in Motion’s classes!

Through the Lens of Body Mind Centering

This morning the brilliant Fanchon Shur reminded of us our primordial, cellular bodies and made a roomful of strangers instantly intimate. It is daunting and essential work, her Body Mind Centering practice. I have known about Fanchon’s work forever but have never experienced it until today. She is a luminous human and a real treasure for this community. Get on it and spend some time in her world.

–Stacy Sims

Pure Movement

The benefits of your classes are never temporary—they never get washed away by life. Instead, each class plants a powerful seed of personal growth that stays forever. I now have an entire forest!

— Alok Narayana

Thank You for such an uplifting, empowering and energizing session this morning. WOW!! I have already told three new people about your web-site and classes.
—-Michelle Baxter

Through my work with Fanchon Shur, I have achieved a greater sense of freedom, mobility and expression than ever before. On a physical level, I am more comfortable within and connected to my body — there is a seamless integration of my body within the context of my self, my existence and my world.
— Renea Frey

You inspire…… transform.
—Tina Guitierrez

I cannot begin to describe what Fanchon’s classes are all about. Suffice it to say I do believe she saved my life and continues to enrich it.
—Kathy Rook

Fanchon integrates so much knowledge and wisdom about so many things! Yoga, Feldenkrais, Laban, modern dance, Spirituality, Jewish history, anatomy, Body-Mind Centering, music, instinctual prayer, poetry, breath work, softening, art of improvisation and choreography. “The sacred order of relationships”. Rich emotion and release. Nuggets of wisdom for everyday life. She is a Cincinnati treasure!
—Gloria Esenwein

Meaning in Motion: Laban/Bartenieff

Life is full of dreams and expectations. We make plans for tomorrow of things we desire to do today, but ultimately, our lives turn into waiting games of “if only’s” and “after I’s” and the like. The humor of it all is that the ability to fulfill all of our hopes, dreams and desires has always been with us since our unified existence in our mother’s womb as a squirmy orb of potential. We have merely spent our lives denying our life given power and trying to convince ourselves or self-actualization through others. This is simply not true. All of our energy lies within our being and it takes fundamental Laban/Bartenieff training to “polish the dinnerware” so we can dine on the meal of bountiful awareness.
—Chad Benjamin Potter

After merely dipping my big toe into Laban, I feel I have awakened an inner stability that is inside us all and have started to learn from myself in connection with the instructor. Laban has given me a delicious taste of the purest and most powerful movement there is: movement that comes from the core. The most altering thing I have begun to apply has been the core-distal connectivity. As a result of realizing movement possibilities as well as helping me to commit fully to my movements; however, it is very challenging to keep this connection while dancing, but has changed my entire perspective on how to dance. In a class setting, Laban places every living creature in an equal atmosphere. Judgment is replaced by understanding, thus the entire class is constantly connected. The class helped to define inner and outer motivation in movement as well as personal and community intention.
—Lindsey Jones

Moving From the Soul

There, through breathing/moving meditations I have discovered an ingenuous connection with the energies of my soul. On this physical, non-verbal level, I have experienced memories lodged in my muscles, dreams that move my sinews, images rising and shaping.

Each time, I attend (class), I grow in health, in the conviction that there are realms of imagination that movement can access so directly. In the class, we are a community of souls who speak so seldom, but who share a created space. A direct revelation of who we are, who we hope to be and a chance to nurture that choice in each other.
—Sharon L Schroeder

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