Crucibles of Change in Motion

Feb. 17 – April 2, 2014

Whether you’ve attended our previous classes or not
—and whether you are a courageous newcomer or a seasoned dancer—
this class is the perfect opportunity to:
Tap into the life force that moves you.
Unleash its wisdom and its soulful power to guide your movements (and your life).
Be part of a group that supports you in bringing your truth into the world.

Fanchon Shur is offering more individualized attention with the assistance of Alok Narayana, an apprentice. This offers greater healing and support and takes you closer to the source of your growth in motion.

Through this class series and in every class, you will tap into the the powerful tools of Growth in Motion’s culture changing processes, which include:

  • Discovering how space, shape and the energy of your intentions coordinate your actions. (They do!)
  • Discovering your body’s natural alignment, connectivity and coordination for every stage and age. (That’s what keeps Fanchon dancing and alive.)
  • Being supported in every step of your evolution by reawakening and reintegrating your early developmental movement patterns. (Yes, it works on adults.)
  • Expanding your aliveness, expression and everyday functioning through myth, dream and music in motion. (We honor the fantasy world.)
  • Resolving conflict through movement, rhythm and dialogue. (Does anyone not have conflict?)
  • Creating communal ceremony and actions. (How we all crave this in today’s world!)
  • Clarifying relationships by exploring contact improvisation. (Contact is so complicated!)
  • Challenging and exploring your personal movement signatures. (Stop! I don’t want to know!)
  • Meeting trauma’s frozen potential and celebrating its healing dance. (Whose trauma? Celebrating?)
  • Mastering choreographic principles in order to communicate effectively. (Is this an elitist skill?)
  • Accessing the dance techniques that keep you healthy and protect you from injury. (I wish i knew this 50 years ago!)

We invite you to open the next door. Take this class. Have fun.

Limited enrollment: Sign up now!

“Fanchon’s work integrates many disciplines and is the evolutionary cutting edge of the new human being emerging at this time, in how we relate to ourselves, each other, our environments, our communities, our planet, and through this, living a rich rewarding life. The world is calling for it now!” — Mary Meyer


Feb. 17 through April 2, 2014 (7 week series)
Monday 6:30  to 8 p.m.; Wednesday 9:30 to 11 a.m.


$120 for 7 classes (entire series @ 1 class per week)
$195 for 14 classes (entire series @ 2 classes per week)
$20 per individual class

Payment due by first class. (No one will be turned away.)


To register, send payment to:
Growth in Motion Studio
4019 Red Bud Ave.
Cincinnati, Oh. 45229

Please indicate which classes (Monday and/or Wednesday) you wish to attend.


Feel free to email Fanchon Shur if you have questions.

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