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Dear Friends:

In October 2015, I experienced another weekend immersion pilgrimage with Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen, and while there, purchased her newly-published 55 hours of DVDs of live teaching she is calling “A Body-Mind Centering Approach to Embodied Anatomy.” I have begun a weekly study group using these videos to guide experiential explorations of this life-changing work.

As many of you know, I have been profoundly influenced as movement therapist, choreographer, and dancer by her work. I have studied with Bonnie over the past 25 years in countless full-week, full two-week, and weekend trainings, as well as in life-changing, private coaching and personal guidance sessions and I’m convinced that she is the Albert Einstein of somatic understanding and human developmental movement expression, and her work WORKS!

How many of you have wished that you could jump on a plane, give up a week of your life every few months and take this rehabilitating, resurrecting study of human movement and expression, which is now changing the world? How many times have you wished you could go to a world-class master? We now have the opportunity to do the next best thing – study with her through these videos in my studio IN AN ENVIRONMENT WHICH ALLOWS us to IMMERSE ourselves IN THESE AWAKENINGS DIRECTLY.

The first session we began with “Embodying the Nervous System” with sections on somatic nervous system; autonomic nervous system; sitting in the synapse; nerve reversal and healing; front, middle, and back bodies; releasing the brachial and lumbosacral plexes; and embryology of the nervous system. I started with the Nervous System because learning to re-integrate our brain to better serve us is our biggest challenge and is the foundation for all the other systems. (If you are just joining the group, these videos will be available to you to view by scheduling a time with me.)

These learning sessions start with the video, and then get live and personal with movement, one-on-one opportunities, group connections, questions and demonstrations.

And in the surprisingly gentle embrace of the embodiment explorations you will be happy you really did something for your
Aerobic life
Meditation practice
Morning workout
Prayer practice
Yoga practice
Creative music/dance practice

Other topics the DVDs cover are: The Upper Limbs, The Lower Limbs, The Axial Skeleton, The Endocrine System, The Organ System,
The Fluid System, and The Ligamentous System

There will be no charge for these sessions.
DONATIONS to recoup the cost ($600) of the purchase of the DVDs containing 50 + hours of recorded live teachings by this world master would be much appreciated. Donations will also cover the costs of studio use as well.

WHEN: Wednesday mornings from 9:30 to 11 am AND/OR Sunday evenings from 5 to 6:30 pm

WHERE: Growth in Motion Center, 4019 Red Bud Ave. 45229. Park in front on the street.

These DVDs present key Body-Mind Centering® somatic movement principles that bring ease, flexibility and strength by embodying our anatomy through movement and consciousness. These principles can be applied to yoga, dance, bodywork and other somatic movement practices.

Beginning Sunday, March 13 and Wednesday, March 16 we will be studying the Fluids System:

The fluids are the transportation system of the body. They underlie presence and transformation, set the ground for basic communication, and mediate the dynamics of flow between rest and activity, tension and relaxation. The characteristics of each fluid relate to a different quality of movement, touch, voice, and state of mind. These relationships can be approached from the aspects of movement, consciousness, and from anatomical and physiological functioning.

This video presents key Body-Mind Centering somatic movement principles that bring ease, flexibility, and strength by embodying the fluid system through movement and consciousness. It includes sections on:

Cellular Fluid, Interstitial Fluid, Extracellular Fluid
Fluid – Membrane Balance
Blood and Cerebrospinal Fluid
Synovial Fluid and Periorgan Fluid
Lymph and Interstitial and Cellular Fluids
Bone Marrow
Exploring the Immune System Through the Fluids
Fascia and Fat
Ground Fluid


RSVP to fanchonshur@growthinmotion.org to let me know which day you’ll be attending.

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