What it’s like

What will a session be like?

Deep reverence and appreciation without judgement

A quality of deep reverence and appreciation without judgement pervades the client’s experience with Fanchon. It is the atmosphere of enlivened respect that exponentially increases the value of Fanchon’s technical expertise, spreads with contagion into the life attitudes of the client, and transforms the client’s self-picture as in all of their relationships.The office is located in a private home on a quiet street in North Avondale. You wear loose fitting clothing for free movement. Greeted at the front door by Fanchon, you leave your shoes in the waiting room and enter a large oak-floored studio. The openness, the stone mantelpiece, the view of the private garden outside, all contribute to an atmosphere of consecrated spaciousness.To begin, you and Fanchon sit comfortably on the floor. You might present a physical symptom or sensation in your body as a point of departure. Often, you begin with a psychological issue, a memory, a relationship, or even a dream that you have had. Soon, by imbuing every sensation and every little movement with meaning and importance, by observing the subtle and deep connection between every part, every organ, to the whole – you are swept into a process of coming home to yourself.

“Trusting the process to express some basic integrity is akin to trusting earthquakes, floods, …. Sun, rain and blossoming…. Often, you might need an introduction: “meet your pelvic floor. You haven’t spoken in awhile but you were once good friends. Here is your tongue. It knew you when you were a baby. Here is vault in which you sealed some terror long ago. “(Aposhyan, Susan “Embodying Nature” Somatics 1995-96).

During your hour-long session you may be moving about on the floor, or on your knees or feet, you may at times sit or lie quietly and attend to your body while Fanchon directs your absorbed focus with subtle gentle touch and imagery. But throughout, the significant thing is not what you do but rather the participation in a process that renews, refreshes, and heals.

At the conclusion of your session, you collaborate with Fanchon in writing a verbal description of your new awareness. This you take with you along with suggestions for home practice to deepen your work. As you get back in your car to drive away, there is a feeling of increased wholeness, and what is even more significant, is a birth of hope that indeed, you do have a deep natural, instinctual, healing rightness, and that yes, it can be found again.

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