Limping, Longing and Love

This dance workshop by Fanchon Shur is soon to take Cincinnati assisted living homes, Senior centers, and rehab facilities by storm.
This three-part event starts with a humorous performance by the Growth in Motion dancers and Fanchon in which she recounts her desire to walk again after her hip replacement surgery. The fantasies are acted out with acrobats on walkers, medicine bottles turned musical instruments, and a myriad of other “elderly” and “rehab” materials that will connect with the audience.

In the next phase of the process, Fanchon returns to the center on another day to teach a session on Movement Therapy to the residents and staff of the home. For the final phase, she administers a “follow-up” session with the residents and staff to analyze their improvement and progress and offer her services as a movement therapist on an individual and small group basis.

We are now accepting invites from local organizations interested in having this inspirational and relevant work as a part of their calendar of events. Contact us here!

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