Global Water Dances 2013


Global Water Dances

a Greater Cincinnati Dance Alliance (GCDA) collaborative artistic project/performance in celebration of water

Global Water Dances (GWD) is a biennial world event first launched in June 2011. On a single day, a series of dances centered on water issues are performed beginning on the Western Pacific Rim, then encircling the globe, and broadcast online.

In 2013, we brought together local environmental organizations, artists, and members of the community in Greater Cincinnati to raise awareness of the inestimable value of water.

Nearly 100 performers used their talents to bring attention to local water issues as we danced beside our beautiful Ohio River on June 15 and 22 at the Serpentine Wall.


The film begins with a reverential, ceremonial dance and ends with an energizing COMMUNITY DANCE PARTY.

Global Water Dances – Cincinnati from Fanchon Shur on Vimeo.

A synopsis presentation of dances from other countries can be viewed at



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