Primordial Round

Choreography by Fanchon Shur and Karen Wissel Shiota
Music by Bonia Shur


Birth is a beginning, death is a destination, and life is the journey…
Rabbi Alvin I. Fine

Primordial Round is a kinesthetic and instrumental fusion of extreme passion. The spiraling vine meets the breaking branch.  Kol Nidrei (All My Vows), the ancient melody sung on the Day of Atonement, as arranged by Bonia Shur for solo viola, is filled with tensions and releases that mirror our encounter with destiny.  We reflect on our vows that we may never fulfill.

Performed at the Aronoff Center in Cincinnati, Ohio for the 2008 Choreographer’s Festival.

Primordial Round from Fanchon Shur on Vimeo.

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