Vibrant Soul

Lebedike N’Shomah

Choreography by Fanchon Shur
Music by Bonia Shur for a string orchestra


The title of the dance VIBRANT SOUL is a translation of the Yiddish “lebedike n’shomah.” The dance and music are inseparable. The riveting, original music is driving, rhythmic, climactic and filled with the vitality of Eastern European Jewish dance.

The choreography has its roots in the passion of the Jewish wedding. The unifying power of the tribal circle fills the stage with a growing wild exuberance, becoming a rhythmic ecstatic spell for the greater good. The power of the community to heal and to celebrate is revealed through magical dance arguments and resolutions, using rhythm to turn the grotesque into shattering ecstasy, beauty and tenderness.

The movement pulses with the presence of “old souls,” whose spirits inhabit and take over the dancers and guide their steps and instill us all with hopefulness.

Vibrant Soul was a smash hit with audiences during the “Choreographers Without Companies” concerts at the Aronoff Center for the Arts in Cincinnati in June 2005.


Vibrant Soul: Lebedike N’Shomah from Fanchon Shur on Vimeo.

Audience Reactions

  • Fanchon, I was in attendance at Saturday evening’s performance. Your piece was simply in a class of its own! The visual impact of the costumes coordinated with the choreography was incredibly striking, and the musical score was impeccable. I am certainly not a professional artist – only a fond observer – but I could easily have envisioned myself watching your performance on Broadway. Congratulations on a beautiful job well done!
  • Fanchon and Bonia, That was beautiful! Visually stunning, dramatic, intense, joyous, wonderful.
  • I’m hoping for a video of the performance – maybe I can even show it in Germany. It is so good. Still running through my head


Photos by John Burgess


Sound Foundry Productions


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