Developmental Movement

Womb to Walking

  • Safely ignite ancient, instinctual reflexes, which underlie all volitional movement experience (i.e. choices, will and intention.)
  • Learn how to awaken primitive kinetic chains in the brain that can release our creative expressions.

This course guides our experience of learning that we are cells evolving from less complex forms, which inevitably lead to the next form. Fanchon helps each student individually to re-learn the basic principles of patterning reflexes, righting reactions and equilibrium responses. These developmental progressions allow the older, the injured, and/or the non-dancer to touch the clock of eternity through re-patterning primal instincts that release physical power and emotional freedom. Our movement can take us into expanded states.

Developmental movement instructor, Fanchon Shur, has been working with body therapies and has trained with master teacher, founder and director, Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen, at The School for Body-Mind Centering.


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