Rossiter Workshop

System of Workouts for Fast Pain Relief

A short story:

Imagine you are hurting, aching, sore, stiff.  You say it to your friend or spouse.  So, you lie down, and your friend or partner stands,uses her/his foot, heel, ball,  to add the appropriate touch and pressure based on your input to give you relief that lasts!  Don’t think this is being done to you.  You are making the determined movements that get so much deeper into the troublespot  and that also releases much more than you  expected.

You get up and walk around feeling the new freedom.  Then your partner says, “ouch, I need help”  So she/he lies down and you support the release  your buddy’s latest aches..This all takes about 15 to 20 minutes and you are ready for anything.

I have the privilege of being Certified in Part 1 of this amazing Rossiter System with Richard Rossiter, the creator.There are 170 +  two-person stretching techniques for highly motivated people who want to play an active role in their body’s recovery and well being.  You become the coach and your aching partner is the one in charge who knows where the pain is and how to move out of pain….so you have two people affecting the result.

Richard Rossiter , upon my request, will teach a full day session here in our own Growth in Motion Studio for my students, colleagues, friends.  He wants us to list three areas of our body we want help with, and then he will teach us moves to alleviate pain.  It will be a session tailored to the specific issues we all bring up.  Just bring your yoga mats.  I have everything else here.

Normally ROSSITER does a full 3 day workshop for $350 for very large groups, but he will work with six people in my studio (buddies, couples, relatives) for a full day for $100/per person. This is a real deal.  Small group, lots of attention,  great skills,  and your favorite buddy bodyworker to help you with your needs on call!!!!!!!! Remember to list three areas in your body needing help. 

This workshop will be held Saturday, February 13th

9 a.m. – 5 p.m.  

To register, please e-mail us at  

Do not delay, this class will fill quickly!

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