Flight, Fight, Freeze:
Moving Toward Peace Workshop at Hays Elementary

“I was transfixed with the jungle part [of the performance], the wild animal expression within us. I loved the way you asked the kids to freeze and then say ‘how did it feel, your breath, your bodies?’ connecting that with reason!. . . The dance work is symbolic of the wild where they fight for protection or for power. Here in this school we fight for power over our peers or against the teachers.”
—Robert Rollison, 6th grade teacher

“I don’t argue with people so much anymore.”
—Kristal Bishop, 7th grader

59% of participants reported learning to calm down to be the most important lesson learned in the FLIGHT, FIGHT, FREEZE! program. Students “learned not to stay mad” and how “to take control of yourself”.
—Based on program results from 2003-04

“Learning to release frustration and anger through movement and sound, the students have become less violent and more aware of their actions.”
—Maggie Downs, The Cincinnati Enquirer, 2/8/03

“Our students will continue to learn coping skills. . . that will reduce stress and contribute to life long habits of well being and social adjustment.”
—Meredith Harden, 7th and 8th grade teacher

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