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About Fanchon Shur:
“Dancers Helping Students Redirect Their Aggression”, Maggie Downs, The Cincinnati Enquirer, February 8, 2003

“Lovers’ Composition About Rage”, Carol Norris, The Cincinnati Enquirer, September 29, 2002

“Returning to Balance: BMCA Conference 2002”, Kimberly McKeever, Currents, Summer/Fall 2002

“News and Notes”, Tricia Bevan, Cincinnati Association for the Education of Young Children, August 1999

Philosopher of Motion“, Sue MacDonald, The Cincinnati Enquirer, March 25, 1998

“A Passion for Healing: Nun on a Mission to Change Medicine”, Camilla Warrick, The Post, May 6, 1997

“Dancing the Prayer”, Wendy Hart Beckman, Antenna Magazine, February 1996*

“Fanchon Shur Ceremonial Warrior”, Lillith, Spring 1994

“Wholistic Women of the Year”, New Lifestyles, May/June 1994

“Dancing in the Temple: A Modern Adaptation of Ancient Memories”, Deborah Sederberg, Lifestyles, June 14, 1992

“From the Wounds of these Women Came Hope”, Deborah Sederberg, Community, June 13, 1992

“Liturgical Dance: Creativity in Movement, Movement as Metaphor, & Metaphor for Change”, Amy Voris, December 1991

“Dance-drama Reveals Secrets Which Families Hide”, Phyllis Singer, The American Israelite, May 10, 1990

“Final Classes At The Dance Hall”, Jefferson James, Footprints, 1990

“Ancient Rite For Today”, Trudelle Thomas, New Directions For Women, July/August 1989

“Prayer Shawl: A Dance of Life”, Trudelle Thomas,
Daughters of Sarah, July/August 1989

“Ecumenical Service Honors Ohio Inauguration”, Tami D. Kamin, The American Israelite, January 22,1987

“WGUC Interview”, Lisa Ledin, WGUC p.m. report, September 23, 1987

“Tallit: Prayer Shawl, Opening Remarks”, Catherine Keller, National Women Church Convergence, October 1987

“Stepping Out of Time”, Susan Conner, Entertainer, April 27 – May 11, 1985

“A Comprehensive Movement Approach to Physical and Emotional Imbalances”, Aliza Orit, New Lifestyles, 1984

“To Move With Nature”, Gregg Levoy, The Cincinnati Enquirer, June 6, 1983

“Children Depict Cosmic Creation In Dance”, Janet Light,
The Cincinnati Enquirer, June 6, 1975

“Fanchon Shur Creates New Traditions” , New Lifestyles, Winter 1982-83

“The Work of Choreographer Fanchon Shur”, Karen Weber

By Fanchon Shur:

“Co-Creating the Healing Dance”, Fanchon Shur, LMA Movement Studies Journal, Fall 1992

“Faith Through Expressive Movement – Curriculum for Religious School: Ages 4 through 17 years”

“FLIGHT, FIGHT, FREEZE!”, program notes

“Letter from the Director, Fanchon Shur, Currents, Spring 1990

“My Dancework As A Reflection Of A Jewish Woman’s Spirituality”, Fanchon Shur, Four Centuries of Jewish Women’s Spirituality: a Sourcebook, Edited by Ellen M. Umansky and Dianne Ashton, 1991

“Purses, Pockets, and Family Secrets”, program notes

“Rosh Chodesh: New Moon Ritual of Renewal”, Fanchon Shur, Moon, Moon by Anne Kent Rush, 1976

“Tallit: Prayer Shawl”, with Marilyn Green, program notes

“Anne Lief Barlin, My Teacher and Inspiration For My Work Building Community Through Dance”, Ohio Dance Commemorative Magazine, 2001

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