Dream Gates

With Susan Crew & Fanchon Shur

Both Fanchon and Susan have worked with Robert Moss, master dream worker and author of numerous works including Dreamgates, and honor his work (www.mossdreams.com).

Join us for adventures in dreaming. Outside our conscious awareness there is an ongoing process of healing and creativity. Dreams are gateways into this process. By traveling through this gateway, we can cooperate and co-create with this creative process.  We will work with our night dreams through dream re-entry, dream theater, dance, music, guided imagery and shamanic journeying. Group size will be limited to 12 participants.

This group is for adventurous, playful people who want to connect with the world of helping spirits, ancestors, power animals and other helpful energies. Whether you label these energies archetypes, complexes or spirits is of secondary importance. What is primary is to experience, then develop ritual and action plans to honor these energies. Add your conscious intention to the creative endeavor that is your life. Even if you are new to the habit of remembering night dreams, you can still participate. If you are less adventurous and playful than you would like to be, this group is also for you.

Leading the class, Susan B. Crew, Ph.D.: Susan has been conducting dream workshops for the past 35 years. She is a Jungian psychologist and soul work mentor, deeply immersed in dreamwork, the study of the shamanic practices of the Dagara people of Burkina Faso, West Africa and the Peruvian mysticism of the Q’ero people of the high Andes. She integrates this with her practice of psychology, the care and tending of the soul. You can reach her at 559-1193 or www.numinousity.net.

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