Meaning in Motion: A Laban/Bartenieff Class

Laban/Bartenieff Movement Analysis: is the identifying language for movement description in all disciplines that explore the domain of human movement behavior

Learn the four major Elements of Movement:

    • Body
    • Effort
    • Shape
    • Space harmony
  • Explore the underlying principles of movement.
  • Experience extraordinary, integrative movement that goes beyond technique.
  • Analyze/Experience your and others bodies in motion & become a more dynamic mover.
  • Understand your movement preferences.


Life is full of dreams and expectations. We make plans for tomorrow of things we desire to do today, but ultimately, our lives turn into waiting games of “if only’s” and “after I’s” and the like. The humor of it all is that the ability to fulfill all of our hopes, dreams and desires has always been with us since our unified existence in our mother’s womb as a squirmy orb of potential. We have merely spent our lives denying our life given power and trying to convince ourselves or self-actualization through others. This is simply not true. All of our energy lies within our being and it takes fundamental Laban/Bartenieff training to “polish the dinnerware” so we can dine on the meal of bountiful awareness.
—Chad Benjamin Potter

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When: Dates to be Announced (Calendar)
Where: 4019 Red Bud Ave. , 45229 (Map)
Cost: $190 for a 9 week series

For Registration or details on the upcoming class schedules: 513-221-3222 or

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