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Important points to consider

Could this work improve my physical health?
One of the best ways to nurture and heal your body is to learn to tune into its “voice” and consult its wisdom.  This includes learning to perceive when you are tired or hungry or need a stretch, as well as listening to the body teach you when you are under mental or emotional strain, need to assert yourself, or leave a situation.

Could this work help me be more creative?

Definitely.  In fact, many professional artists from all disciplines have worked with Fanchon to enhance their expressive power.

Can it help with old hurts from the past?
Yes, the work is deeply relevant to healing old wounds, and often Fanchon has helped clients to move through and beyond traumas that have not been helped by conventional psychotherapies.

Do I have to be a “dancer”? 

No.  Many people are concerned because they feel unskillful as a dancer.  While Growth in Motion certainly will enhance anyone’s freedom and expressiveness as a dancer, it has nothing to do with the activity of imitating prescribed, stylized movement to music commonly understood by the term “dance”.  None of the movements you make in Growth in Motion could possibly be evaluated as graceful-awkward, good-bad, or successful-unsuccessful.  Fanchon has a way of helping clients to recover from any self-consciousness almost immediately.

Does Fanchon use touch? 
Yes.  Fanchon’s touch is completely professional.  Many feel that her touch has an uncanny, magical quality.  Perhaps this quality arises from her attending closely to the fields of energetic flow which inform the mechanics of the body.  Her focus is to assist you in awakening the expressive life within body elements such as bone marrow, organs or fluid systems.  Upon awakening, the body part becomes not only an enriching source of sensation and a source of power for motion, but also a sensory organ for perceiving the body and its relationships to the environment.

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