Movement Therapy


“Motion is life… Taste it! Feel it! Ride it! Honor it”

Fanchon’s Movement Therapy begins where mind/body disciplines like yoga, pilates, and Alexander Technique as well as forms of psychotherapy and couples counselling leave off. Movement Therapy allows us to tap into our truest, deepest, most authentic self. This non-verbal, nonlinear expression bypasses our verbal centers where we have lifelong patterns of inhibitions, denial and defense – the sources of our “stuckness” – that’s why Movement Therapy is so powerful. Movement Therapy allows us to break down our walls and barriers, which took us years to erect.

A path to personal growth, healing, and self-empowerment, Movement Therapy is a holistic approach – uniting the body, mind, emotions and spirit into a meaning-filled vessel of belonging and purpose in the world.

Fanchon has made an exhaustive study tracing the maturation of reflex and movement patterns from the fetus to the adult. When she looks at the client, she can see the sequential layers of development, and so finds it simple to detect a break in the flow by the obvious eddies it creates. Fanchon then assists the client in the “lifting the rock out of the stream.” Not only is the particular issue addressed: this work also teaches a new attitude towards one’s life-long journey of emergence: The process is honorable and sacred, it is often humorous, and it is always joyful.

Because the awareness of the body leads us to into such an undefended, tender and powerful state of being, it is important to stress that Fanchon has a highly developed reverence for the sensitivity of the human person, and creates a space of safety and respect.

Read Cincinnati Post’s article about Fanchon and her collaboration with her husband, composer Bonia Shur – Cincinnati Post Article (PDF)

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