Flight, Fight, Freeze: Moving Toward Peace

Choreography by Fanchon Shur










A Cheetah is hovering at the perimeter of an Impala herd. Each Impala becomes profoundly alert. Its body constricts. Adrenaline rushes through it, sending blood away from its organs into its muscles. Suddenly, the stalking Cheetah springs. An Impala tries to escape, running at full speed. The Cheetah gets closer and closer. Instantaneously, out of a sixty mile an hour run, the Impala drops to the ground. Frozen! Barely any breath or heartbeat. The Impala freezes to ease the pain and fool the predator into believing it dead. The Cheetah is fooled and leaves. After a moment, the Impala begins to quiver all over, jumps to its feet, and shakes with intense power. It completes its escape and gets on with its life. The Impala is now calm, curious, and restored.

Humans, like the Impala, freeze when overwhelmed or stressed. Except, we have forgotten how to release and move on with our lives. That frozen energy builds up and paralyzes our ability to absorb and learn. Through movement, body awareness and sound, we can release our frozen energy creatively and in a supportive environment.


This stirring dance performance culminates the workshop experience. Participants take a journey through the animal world into their own human responses to danger, through choreography, theatrical narration, and vibrant music. Students, teachers, parents, and community members join together as audience while the FLIGHT, FIGHT, FREEZE! ensemble dances our instincts and sings in celebration with the help of the Hays Elementary school choir.


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Flight, Fight, Freeze! Instincts for Healthy Living

Flight, Fight, Freeze! Instincts for Healthy Living from Fanchon Shur on Vimeo.


Flight, Fight, Freeze! The Power of Instinct

Flight, Fight, Freeze! Instincts for Healthy Living from Fanchon Shur on Vimeo.

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