Sarah, Speak!

Choreography and Libretto by Fanchon Shur
Music by Bonia Shur

sarah_talkHand (1)

The ancient biblical story of the
binding of Isaac is told through a chant
based on the High Holiday trope.

The new legend is presented through dance and
dramatic monologue revealing
Sarah’s insights and prophetic visions
never written down by our forebearers.

Both the ancient myth and the new legend
dialogue with each other
and in the end the audience
accompanies the dialogue with a communal chant.

“… a very powerful and beautiful statement. As the days have passed, your statement has become increasingly poignant and I wish I might see it again. The piece was, of course, appropriate… It was shocking and extremely powerful….”

Richard Harty
Unitarian Minister

“This dance drama is my fierce answer to the horrendous story of Abraham taking his son Isaac to Mt. Horev as a sacrificial offering to the God, the “King”, the “He.”

We are drawn into Sarah’s redefining of power as she goes through the grueling process of doubts into a climactic decision: she is going to stop Abraham!

Sarah perceives herself as the Angel of God who tells Abraham (in the original story), “Do not touch the boy.”

She herself confronts a God who would dare ask Abraham to sacrifice her son with out asking her, the mother. It is she who stops Abraham as he raises the knife to kill his son. It is Sarah, with her drum and celebrational chant, joined by Bonia’s beautiful melody and guitar which brings the audience into the final rousing chant “Ha malach shel Elohim, hee isha” – The Angel of God is a Woman.” – Fanchon Shur

(Sarah, Speak! can be a participatory empowerment workshop which can either culminate or begin with the performance.)

Sarah Speak Minneapolis from Fanchon Shur on Vimeo.

Sarah, Speak! from Fanchon Shur on Vimeo.


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