Smart Fitness

Smart Fitness

Alignment, Strength & Injury Prevention

Smart Fitness:

Alignment, Strength & Injury Prevention

Join us!

Tuesday and Thursday morning – 8:30-9:30 AM

Tuesday, May 20 – Thursday, June 5

 4019 Red Bud Avenue


We will be tapping into those secret places that have been getting in the way of enjoying fitness training.

Expect released pleasure and rhythmic momentum.

We will fix the things that we have been doing incorrectly, taking the pain out of working out and awakening the core power instead.


The workout will include:

Floor work: finding core, stretching and strengthening, attention to alignment, breath, spatial support and range of motion. Feldenkrais and Alexander, among other modalities.

Standing: three-dimensional flow and balance with music, techniques from ballet, Laban, African, Latin and contemporary dance, Tai Chi, and some improvisation to find the new expressions.


Cost:  $10 per class

(For NANA members it is a donation to NANA.)


To register by email, contact Fanchon

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